Five Point Challenge: Alexis



Harvard the late eighties



At the knock at the door, she looks up. "Yes?"

"A bunch of us are going down to the quad to protest the latest government police action and follow up with coffee. You in?" The young man can't but help but check out the long dark haired fellow student. He'd been trying to get close to her forever and knew that causes were the way to do it.

"I'd love to but I really need to get this done." She looks down at the notes and books in front of her. "Besides Kristina is coming down this weekend and we're going to picket the UN."

"Oh that sounds like fun. Let me know how that goes."

"Yeah, especially if we get arrested. We'll need someone to come down and bail us out." The student says wryly. "That would really screw up my chances of getting a really good job."

"Nah, the jobs you're planning on applying for it's practically a requirement. I'll see ya later then, Nat."

"See ya later."

Natasha Bergman looks at the picture of her and her sister that is on the book shelf over her desk. It had been taken at a Greenpeace protest that they'd gone to the year before. Course she had been sicker than a dog. She was every time she was on the water. But Kristina had been in her element hollaring obsenities in Norwegian at the whalers. They'd been lucky to not get rammed. Doubt that the whales would have cared.
Their adoptive parents had always been environmentally active and passed it on to their kids. Very big on questioning authority and really thinking and not accepting the status quo. It had made law school a breeze really. Especially constitutional law, the arguments had been fierce and she loved it. Course it had driven the profs nuts in some of her classes. As lawyers they were in the firm believe that everyone deserved a defense including the ass holes that were raping the environment or profitting from the death machines that proliferate in the United States.
Nat is still convinced that the draw in the mock trials had been rigged so that she'd gotten stuck defending the gun lobby people. As part of her research she'd found out that she's aces with the damn things. There is a bit of pride in that, knowing that she can bear arms and do it well. But that wasn't what the founding fathers had in mind. If they had known that muskets would evolve into glocks that are being used to slaughter those confined to the ghettos of the inner city by the inequities perpetuatated by skin color, they would have never put that one in the top ten on the bill of rights. "Who am I kidding?!" Nat mutters to herself. "A bunch of old white guys? They probably would have done it just for that reason. They managed to come up with one of the greatest documents since the Magna Carta but that doesn't mean that they weren't governed by their own self interests." I'm getting punchy. Need coffee to finish this and to stretch my legs. Grabbing her coat and scarf, Nat heads out to the local coffee shop greeting people she knows as she goes with a wave and a smile.

When she gets back to her room she starts to unlock the deadbolt but the handle of the door turns without prompting stopping her in her tracks. She knows she locked the door on her way out for coffee. Don't be stupid. Go get security. What if it's Kristina? You're going to look like a real idiot. Natasha opens the door.

Inside a man is sitting at her desk reading her paper that she is preparing for environmental law. When he hears the door open he removes his half glasses and sets them on the desk on top of her paperwork and turns to face the door. "I hope you don't mind. I wanted to talk to you in person since you failed to respond to my letter."

"Your letter?"

"Timoria Enterprises. You were offered an internship."

"I'm going to be working at the Southern Law Center." Natasha keeps her hand on the door ready to flee if necessary.

"That's a mistake."

"Excuse me?"

"There is more opportunity, more potential, in an internship with Timoria. With our international base you would have a ... cover... for your other activities no matter where in the world you were."

"Right." Nat retorts sarcastically. Who did this guy think he was fooling. She'd did her research on Timoria before round filing the offer. They were just the kind of international corporation that shielded the people on the top while they exploited the resources of the world. "Didn't catch your name."

The man stands and walks over to Natasha extending a hand waiting for the law student to take it before he answers. "Stefan Cassadine." He doesn't release her hand as he sees the recognition in her face. Not of him of course but of his last name. "It's time for you to join the family business, Natasha."

"I don't know what you're talking about." Natasha finally frees her hand.

"If you are to succeed as a lawyer you really need to work on lying skills." Stefan says wryly. Natasha's response is predictable. "You know exactly what I'm talking about. I understand why you would be hesitant, why you'd be smart to be hesitant. Do not assume because my last name is Cassadine that I'm anything like Helena. The woman who killed your mother only remaining alliance is to a respirator on a small private island in Greece. She is no threat to you... or... our sister anymore."



"Why are we still having these? And why did I have to come back from school for it? It's not like there anyone my age to talk to. I could have been going on a ski trip with my friends." Kristina looks in the mirror and makes an adjustment to the bodice of her strapless full length gown. Strapless was a mistake. She just didn't have the boobs for it.... yet. But soon hopefully or she'd just die. Or ask Stavros for an advance on her allowance for a little visit to the plastic surgeon. Big brother always gave her whatever she wanted. Reaching down on the vanity she picks up the ruby and diamond necklace and hands it to her sister to fasten. "Bachanallia's are so... two centuries ago."

"Because The Prince believes in traditions. Especially traditions that involve music, dancing..." Natasha adds wryly.

"And lots and lots of drinking with everyone sucking up to him. He gets enough of that every damn day."

Alexis groans. "Kristina! You're too old to say such foolish things."

"It's not foolish! Stavros knows they are just sucking up to him. He's not stupid. That's why he's so mean to them to see how far they'll sink to curry favor with him."

"Stavros' getting married now. Things will be different."

"Ha! Right. Like our father settled down after he married Helena."

"Don't." Alexis warns pulling on a lock of Kristina's hair.

"OWWW." Kristina turns around to face her sister. "What was that for?"

"Because you always seem to forget. Her name isn't mentioned in this house any more than our mother's. It was the only way that Father could keep the peace in this house."

"Stavros never blamed Papa for killing Helena! He knew she was out of control. Papa made that clear."

"Then do it for me. I don't want to hear her name." Alexis shudders. She'd been there when Helena had slit their mother's throat. The nightmares thankfully had stopped when her father had gotten rid of Helena. If only he'd realized sooner, if he could have gotten rid of Helena before she killed their mother. Then Stefan and Stavros would have known what they were missing because her mother would have loved the boys. Love them for being their father's sons and her daughters' brothers.

"I'm sorry, Alexis." Kristina takes her sister's hand and pats it then wanting everything to be happy again. "So what do you know about the girl that Stavros is marrying?"

"Her name is Lasha, and she is a widow."

Kristina laughs. "Stavros is going where someone else has gone before? That's new!"

"Enough!" Stefan orders from the doorway. "You will not make such disgusting comments about your brother or your new sister-in-law. You will show proper decorum and respect!"

"Oh will you get over yourself!" Kristina rolls her eyes. "You are such a stick in the mud. I'm not a baby any more you can't boss me around! Stavros is the only one that understands me!" She goes running out of the room. Stefan starts after her.

"Don't. Let her go." Alexis sits down at the vanity in her sister's room.

"She is out of control. Stavros has spoiled her rotten."

"I know that you thought that boarding school was better but the influences there...." Alexis shakes her head.

"Couldn't be any worse than Stavros. He eggs her on in all things no matter how foolish."

"They love life. And have had too much loss already."

"They have no common sense." Stefan says grimly.

"Stefan... this isn't about Kristina... what do you know?"

"Stavros' bride... did you know that she is Luke Spencer's widow?!"

Alexis' jaw drops. "But... but... her husband killed our father. Uncle Victor is in prison because of Luke Spencer! He ruined our family!"

"Scarcely a match made in heaven."

"Why?" Alexis shakes her head.

"He is infatuated with her." Stefan says bitterly. "She will be the ruin of what is left of our family."

Alexis' face goes hard. "No, she won't. It won't come to that. I won't let it. I refuse to lose anymore of my family to the Spencers."



Kind of a cheat but I already did one of these points in another story.... a one hour challenge done ages ago. Some of you may have seen this one before. Deb.

Zander looked around the park. The docks had been out, most of PC for that matter. Where could a wanted kidnapper meet up with his former victim to get some cash to make their way back to Canada. He and Em had been able to arrange a meet here. She was suppose to be wearing the green cardigan again. He'd reminded her again what would happen if they were caught together. Aiding and Abetting. Aiding and abetting her own kidnapper. He spots her coming toward him still a distance away.

"FREEZE." Zander stiffens at the harsh voice from behind him. "Put your hands over on your head." Zander complies mentally pleading for Em to see what is going on and either keep on going or turn around and walk away; she can't get involved with this. In the next heart beat he is slammed up against a tree the bark scraping the side of his face. His feet are kicked apart and he is frisked from head to feet. Taggart plants a hand in the middle of his back making sure he isn't going anywhere.

One by one his hands are cuffed behind his back the ratchet of the metal bracelets tightening around his wrists tightening like a fist in his stomach. He is so screwed,so screwed. "Zander Smith, you have the right..." The miranda warnings roll over him not even impacting. Sure things had been a mess but it had been easy too. The likelihood of getting caught had faded since the night he'd chatted up a pretty girl and ended up putting a gun in her side and forcing her from the party in a stolen car. Taggart shakes him by the collar of his jacket. "Do you understand these warnings?"

"Yeah, yeah whatever."

"You're lucky I didn't just punch your ticket, cop killer. But count on it... I'll be there when they pump you full of the same crap you deal and you take a long permenant nap."

"I didn't kill anyone!" Zander protests even as he is shoved in the back of the cop car. As Taggart pulls away from the curb, Zander looks out the window. Emily is standing there on the sidewalk, biting her lip and looking so scared. Scared for him. Zander shakes his head and mouths silently. "go home." And then he looks away forcing himself to not look back as the distance grew between them.


The booking process is completed quickly, efficiently everything is done by the book: No I's undotted, no T uncrossed. His property confiscated and searched. Thank you, God; I got rid of Emily's phone number. The little sheet of paper had been creased and worn where he'd rubbed his thumb over the number wanting to call it twenty times a day. It had been memorized in minutes branded onto his brain. The cops of the PCPD were treating him like the new exhibit at the zoo. Everyone checking out what the mighty hunter Taggart had brought in for the commissioner and the ADA Dara Jensen. "He didn't have any weapons or drugs on him. Only some ID and in the inside pocket of his jacket some grape pixie sticks."

"Are you sending them out for analysis? Could be some cutsie way of delivering drugs." Dara suggests. "Like putting acid on smiley face stickers."

"Already bagged and tagged and on it's way to the lab."

"Do I get a phone call?" Zander demands finally. Please Em, please have gone home rather than here.

"Give him his phone call. I suggest you call an attorney. You need one." Dara advises Zander. Taggart winces. He would have much rather had some time solo with the suspect to get a confession out of him. Too many people walked in this town even with confessions.

Zander is given the phone and uses his body to block the number he is calling. "Don't say anything." He says swiftly as the line is answered. "I need you to get hold of Alexis Davis and tell her Alex Smith is in custody and I need an attorney. Don't come down here. I'll call you later."


Zander hangs up the phone before Emily can protest. Swiftly he dials in 411 into the phone and then after it connects hangs up. The cops might try to figure out who he called but it wouldn't be as easy as *69. "I'll wait for my attorney before making any statements."

Damn, Dara thinks. I would be the one to tell him to contact an attorney. Her record against Alexis was abysmal.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Emily races down the stairs and the door to the gatehouse. "Alexis!"

"Emily. Take a deep breath." Alexis looks up from where she is going through some briefs on the couch and takes off her reading glasses. "What is going on? Is it Ned? Lila?"

"No. No, Alex Smith needs you to be his lawyer."

"Alex Smith?" Alexis pales. This had to be a coincedence. "How do you know Alex Smith?"

"We have to go. He's at the PCPD. I'll explain everything on the way." Em stands in the doorway. "Please. He needs you."

Alexis slides back on her shoes and gathers her briefcase. "I'll drive; you start talking."


Alexis strides into the PCPD. This couldn't be happening. Ned was going to kill her. First she'd defended Tony Jones on kidnapping charges and now this. Now way Alex could have killed a cop, kidnapped Emily. It was impossible. "I'm here to see my client."

"If it ain't the mob mouthpiece now you taking the street dealing scum too, counselor?" Dara taunts. "Gee and I thought you and Ned were a thing. Well kiss that goodbye."

"My client?" Alexis doesn't allow herself to be drawn in.

"This way, Ms Davis." Taggart leads her to the interrogation room. "He's all yours... for now."

Alexis walks into the interrogation room not even looking at her client she shuts the mini blinds between the squad and this room. Turning around she takes a deep breath and exhales. Reaching across the table she slaps Zander with all her might. "How could you? How could you do something so stupid? So risky? You could have been killed. By Sorel, by the cops, by Emily's brother. How could you not let me know where you were? That you were in town?"

"I missed you too, Mom." Zander works his jaw trying to not take offense at the blow. He had an idea what was next.

Alexis comes around the table and hugs him close. It's awkward with him being cuffed to the table but she manages to squeeze him tight. "I've been so scared since the last letter was returned unopened. I thought she'd found you." Alexis brushes Zander's hair back from his face. "Drugs, Alex?"

Zander winces. "It was stupid. I never used but that's no excuse. I was just riding the edge and when Sorel drugged Emily and killed the cop I fell over."

"But you didn't kill the cop." Alexis leads Zander through the whole story from top to bottom filling in any blanks that Emily had left on the trip over. "Well you've been incredibly stupid and there are going to be consequences but I think I can keep you out of prison. But you have to do what I say."

"And if I get out of here?" Zander wonders.

"Well your cover is blown. Helena has free run of this place and there are no secrets in this town for long. I know you're a little old to be living with Mom but we don't have to hide anymore. We won't be able to." Alexis walks over to the door and opening it up waves Taggart and Dara in. She walks around the table and takes Zander's hand.

Dara looks at the perp and then at Alexis holding his hand. She's seen plenty in her years of lawyering but most handholding is mental not actual. She quirks a brow. "Well I hope you aren't counting on any deals. We've got your client cold. The needle was reinstated for guys just like this."

"You don't have anything on Alex." Alexis asserts. "You'll have exactly what I give you. You can prove nothing. But if you want Sorel you'll start giving Mr Smith immunity on the other charges."

"Sorel?" Dara says greedily.

Taggart snorts. Another one was going to get away in the furtherance of justice. What a freaking joke.

"In exchange for my son's testimony, he's to be granted immunity for all the charges rising out of this incident."

"Your Son?" Emily asks wide eyed from the doorway.

"Hey Em. It looks like I'll be staying in Port Charles after all."



"Well can you fix it?" Alexis paces between the rock outcropping and the crashed copter.

"Sure." if I had parts and tools Jax looks up his good friend and trusted attorney. "Don't worry. They'll find us." He smiles reassuringly.

"They who? We're in Libya! We're dead. Helena knows how to do these things. First the crash but no can't leave it to that cause we might survive. So of course it has to be in one of the most hostile environment on the planet. In a country run by a dictator who would shoot us on sight to get access to Helena's bioweapon technology."

"We're not dead yet, Alexis."

"This is not the time to be getting all chipper, Jax. If we're going to die just tell me. I can handle it."

"We're not going to die." Jax sets the radio aside. "Look, Jerry is looking for us, Ned, V. We're going to be found."

"We didn't exactly file a proper flight plan remember we didn't want Helena tailing us. HA! Guess the joke is on us on that one."

"I grew up in the outback. I know how to take care of myself in the desert and you. We'll be fine. I've got a good idea of where we are. Jerry will find us. He always does. All we have to do is stick it out."

"And get the radio working."

"And get the radio working." Jax agrees.

Alexis starts brushing her arms and hugging herself. "Is it getting cold to you?"

Jax stands up. "It'll get colder yet. There is nothing to hold the heat in, in the desert. So it's hot during the day and chilly at night."

"Great. And here I was picturing my bones bleaching out in the middle of the desert. And no you tell me we're going to freeze to death."

it'll probably be thirst first "We won't freeze to death. Look while there is still light lets take what we can out of the chopper."

"But aren't we going to sleep in it?"

"I smelled fuel. It wouldn't be smart to be in it. Course it will make a hell of a flare when we do spot the rescue party. Nah, we'll make up a bedroll here next to the rocks. It's the highest place around." Jax goes over to the chopper and starts pulling out cushions, blankets.

Alexis also starts going thru the chopper looking for anything that might be of use to them. "Yes!"

"What is it?"

"It's not bignets in New Orleans but..." Alexis holds up a bag of crisps, a candy bar and a bottle of water.

"Dinner." Jax gives her a nod of approval but continues making up the bedroll.

"You're only making up one... are you going to stand watch?"

"We're only going to be using one. Body heat, Alexis."


Jax ignores her blush. Sometimes Alexis could be just so sweet in her hardheaded too smart for her own good way. Alexis manages to keep herself busy as does he until it is too dark to continue trying to work on the radio. The sound of Alexis teeth chattering is about the only way that he locates the campsite after his last trip to the chopper to try to cannibalize some parts for the radio. "I don't think there is anything more I can do for the night. We should get some sleep. Be ready to go again in the morning." Jax takes off his boots and crawls into the bedroll holding up one corner. "Come on."

Alexis reluctantly pulls off her shoes and crawls in and then sighs as the heat coming off of Jax hits her. "I'm really sorry for getting you into this. Into my family's mess." She has her back to Jax.

"Nothing to apologize for. I volunteered for this one." Jax replies his voice close to her ear.

"You didn't sign on for this." Alexis turns to face him.

"I knew we were going up against Helena. This isn't her first attempt on us, Alexis. And when we get out of this she's gonna try again."

"Oh good something to look forward to. If the desert doesn't kill us, if the libyians don't kill us, if the damn scorpions don't do us in. Then Helena will keep trying." A shiver goes thru her. Jax notices and hugs her in close wrapping his arms around her and rubbing her back to warm her. Alexis groans. That feels so good.

Jax tilts her head back with one hand and slowly presses a kiss to her unresisting lips. Alexis' lips part and she deepens the kiss. Jax rolls her onto her back against the cushions and brushes her hair back. Taking his time, he eases Alexis out of her clothes but making sure that she never feels the cold as he fondles and caresses. Alexis reaches out and brushes her hands under Jax's shirt bring it up over his shoulders. He pauses briefly to pull the shirt off over his head. "Are you sure?" Jax says softly even though for every move he'd made, Alexis takes it one step further.

"I'm sure."



August 2002 General Hospital on a bench outside of an ICU room.

Ned holds the weeping woman unable to hold back his own tears that stream unchecked down his face. This couldn't be happening. It couldn't be happening. He'd just seen her. It seemed like yesterday. They'd made peace about his relationship with her sister, about the baby. And now she was dead. Dead What in the hell had she been doing at that warehouse? Why? "Why?"

"It's all my fault. She was looking for me. Looking for me because I was going to tell Sonny." Kristina sobs. "Five minutes later and we both would have been in the warehouse. It should have been me. It should have been me."

"She wanted nothing to do with Sonny." Ned mutters. Nobody knew that better than he. Any amount of time spent around Sonny was more chance for the mobster to figure out that the baby wasn't Ned's. To ruin all their lives, and yet that is just what Sonny had done. Ruined all their lives. "What could you have possibly told Sonny?"

"I found a note that she'd written. She said the baby was Sonny's. I told her, I told her, if she didn't tell Sonny then I would... it was wrong... how could I think it was wrong? Alexis was right. Sonny has no business... nobody is safe around him. Alexis knew but I made her... oh gawd I killed my sister!"

"Shhhh Shhhh." Ned quiets the sobbing woman rocking her in his arms. "Nobody was trying to kill Alexis. This was an attack on Sonny... Alexis was just..." Ned adds bitterly. "...collaterial damage." He looks up the hallway to the couple who has just arrived-- Sonny and Carly. "You aren't welcome here. You have business here, Corinthos. Let us grieve in peace."

Kristina pulls away from Ned now aware of the newcomers. "You, you did this!" Her voice is low and painful.

"Kristina..." Sonny tries to give a little comfort his voice soft not quite knowing what to say but then he realizes that Kristina isn't looking at him but at Carly. "What are you saying?"

"You sent Alexis to the warehouse. You sent her to her death!" Kristina screams.

"No." Carly disagrees with a shake of her head. "She was looking for you. All I did was tell her that you weren't at the penthouse."

"You hated her. She'd slept with your husband and you hated her; you wanted her dead."

"Alexis was no threat to me or my marriage." Carly denies.

"But her baby was. And that's why you killed her. You knew that as soon as Sonny found out that it was his baby that he dump you like yesterday's garbage."

"My baby?" Sonny's knees go weak. He looks over at his wife. "And you knew? You knew and didn't tell me?"

"Sonny, of course I didn't know. Alexis said it wasn't your baby. She said it was Ned's. I had no reason not to believe her. You know the baby was Ned's."

"Stop Lying!!!" Kristina screams. "It's a circle don't you see?! It never stops. It never stops."


The crib notes

1) if she'd stayed with kristina
2) if Mikkos had taken Helena out
3) if the kissed letter had actually been to someone we know.
4) if it had been really cold in the desert with Jax
5) if She'd been in the warehouse.


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